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Books have been and will always be good movers. Some dare to say that reading a book has better imagery than watching a movie. This is ultimately true to its core. Novels and any other category of writing are original from the author and not altered to fit screen specifications and standards as movies have. For you book readers out there, here are some of the new book releases you need to watch out for this year: The Marriage by Kimberly Belle, Hard Hitter by Sarina Bowen, Life blood by Gana showalter, Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken among other awaited book series.

Leaning towards older pieces, here is a list readers should find out about. The most selling single volume books ranging from 100m to 200m copies sold , this list starts with A tale of two cities by Charles Dickens though old it is definitely solid gold, the two towers and The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien and so on. For more of this list revisit this page. There will be more exciting all category book reviews, information on different Authors and gifts that will blow your mind.

Top 5 books for book lovers

Like in movies, people have book preferences so these reviews will not be centered on a certain bias but will be centered on the top five books book lovers should consider looking into. The countdown starts with Book Five: The Storied Life of Aj. Fikry, Authored by Gabrielle Zevin. This book is centered on happenings in a bookshop that transforms the lives of some ordinary characters to the superlative state.

Book Four, Authored by the esteemed Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451. The book was publishes on 4th August 2008 by Harper Voyager. It consists of 192 pages and rendered to the classification of Adult fiction. It was rated five stars after it’s publish. The book is about Guy Montag whose job was the starting of fires. He found pleasure in this a little too much. The man had been working as a fireman for ten years and counting. Guy Montag had never even once put critical thought to his night strolls and fire starting job. This was all until he met a seventeen year old girl who informed him of a time before theirs where men were not driven by fear. This was then paralleled when he met a professor who told him of a future. By statistics not many people have read this book but truly they are missing out on the twists of this story.

I would recommend this to those with a mind of fiction.

Book three, Authored by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Shadow of the wind. This book is one of those whose setting is after the Spanish Civil War in Barcelona 1945. The book however does not lean towards the history but a boy mourning the loss of a parent, his mother. Daniels father dealt with antiquities in the time before the war. Daniel finds comfort in his troubling times in a book he had not seen before. The book was among the antiquities. The books title being Shadow of the wind authored by Julian Carax in this story.

The book is an interesting piece. I would read it if I were you. With a story within a story, what else can you ask for in this short but awesome life.

Book two: The thirteenth tale, authored by Diane Setterfield. This book characterizes the biographer names Margaret Lea. The character returns to her father’s antiquity shop one night. This night she found a letter. This letter was from the esteemed Vida Winters, a celebrated Novelist in Britain. The novelists wants a biography of her life before she dies. Margaret was the one to jot down this as requested in the letter. This was to Margarets surprise as she has never known the author. She had never even read any of her many Novels.

One night she came across a copy of the book THE THIRTEENTH TALES OF CHANGE AND DESPARATION and on reading it she found that it contains only twelve tales in it. She found this a mystery worth looking into. This directly led to Margaret accepting the Novelists request.

This is an awesome addition to any book collection. By the short description, I can tell you are intrigues. Go right up and purchase the book.

Book one: Authored by John Sutherland and Stephen Fender, Love, Sex, Death and words. The author John Sutherland is an X professor of ELU College situated in London. He was also the previous char to the Booker Prize Panel. The co-author Stephen Fender taught in US Dartmouth colleges, Santa Clara and also Williams. The book contains 366 entries by the author John Sutherland and Stephen. These entries are unique as they zero in to the history of literature in contrast to the date on calendar.

This book is for the lovers of literature and history. It is also an awesome book to add into your book collection to those with book keeping habits.

Note that this books are not in the order of best to worst but are all awesome for book lovers everywhere.

Biography & Books

C.D. Taylor

C.D. Taylor

Dominant Memories

Playing With Fire

Come Back To Me

Stay With Me

Taylor Dawn

Taylor Dawn

Saving London

Loose Ends(Magnolia Series: Book One)

Perfect Harmony

Once Upon Short Story

Taylor Dawn

Taylor Dawn is one of the best writing and selling authors across the world. She is popularly known as C.D. Taylor and she has written not only romantic, erotic but also fictional books that have been published and sold globally. These books are rated highly and have received lots of love from people. Examples of the books she has written includes playing with fire, left to chance, split ends, stay with me, dominant memories and many more that can be found in her website.