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A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.

Beautiful Ideas For A Book - Inspired Wedding

You might be a lover of books so much that you would like them to be a part of your special days,maybe a birthday party,anniversary or wedding.Ladies who are lovers of books would like them to be a part of their wedding day because all types of literature will be there.You can use books as decorations,invitation cards or as you would prefer them to be.I would like to give you ten ideas on how to use a book setting on your wedding day,they include:

1.Revamp old pages into a boutonniere or bow tie.

You can use a vintage book with the best love story to make a boutonniere or bow tie or if you don’t have the skills you can request a business person to design it for you.You will feel great when you remember the words on the boutonniere or bow tie.



Your bouquet can be made from a book that has a love poem or a love story that inspires your love story.With this you blend the two love stories making it lovely.

3.Build an outdoor bookshelf.

You can make an outdoor bookshelf if your wedding will be done outdoor and place your best books on the shelves to remind you of the literature in them on your big day.This can give the one of the best wedding settings.

4.Or the ultimate arch.

You can make your wedding to be unique,instead of using flowers you can use books to create an arch.This makes your wedding beautiful and stand out from the rest.

5.Add some magic to the guestbook.

You can choose the best guest book that can be filled with different messages,either best moments you spent with the guest,love stories,encouragement or poems.You can read the book later to make up for your love story.

6.Get creative with the cake.

You can bake your cake as books and have your favourite love story or poem on it.

7.Or scatter them.

You can scatter pages from vintage books you have read and lie on them as you make your love story a reality.This gives a romantic feeling as you enjoy your wedding.

8.Library-themed invites

Replace the wedding invitation cards with library themed invitation card.This cards will be similar with library cards although they will contain the information about the wedding.

9.Marry in a library.

To feel your love for books you can get married in a library.You will say your vows in a literature themed place making it more special.

10.Book accessories.

You can have cufflinks made for the groom and the bride can have a bracelet or earrings that are made from the literature that inspires them most .

A literature themed wedding can be very beautiful and unique in it’s own way.There are many more ideas that can help you have the best setting for your wedding apart from the ones mentioned above.The ideas I have suggested are among the best hence you can try them and get to enjoy your day.I hope you enjoy you big day and let it not be a disappointment.