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C.D. Taylor

C.D. Taylor

C.D. Taylor is an author from Illinois. She lives on a farm with her son and husband but whenever she finds that the farm life is getting a little boring she cheers herself up by writing some erotic fiction. She is a self confessed child at heart and does not take life too seriously. She started writing because it was something that she wanted to cross off her bucket list and before this she was a hairdresser for 12 years.


Dominant Memories - This book is based around a character that has lost the part of her memory that controls her personality. She struggles to find out who she really is as she embarks on a new relationship with a dominant man. This is difficult for her because she was somewhat of a control freak before her memory loss and there are still aspects of this personality within her.

Playing With Fire - The main character in this book is a woman who is rescued from a burning building by a firefighter. Years later they meet up again and enter into a relationship but they are both keeping secrets. Will they be able to be honest with each other before secrets and lies tear them apart?

Come Back To Me - The story of two college friends who drifted apart but ended up finding each other again years later is told in this book. Both characters have their own insecurities which threaten to stand in the way of the relationship ever getting started.

Stay With Me - This is the sequel to Come Back To Me but it can be read as a stand alone book. It focuses on two characters that appeared briefly in the first book. They are in Vegas for the wedding of their friends but it is certainly not the case that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas as the two of them get drunk and end up getting married themselves. Not the best situation when neither of them can stand the sight of the other.