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The Story of Our Love - Happy Anniversary

We all would like to give the best gifts to our loved ones maybe in terms of money, cars, businesses or showing them love. In as much as you love somebody expressing your love verbally towards that person becomes difficult hence you have to find a gift that can show them how much you love them. What about writing your love story in a personalized book? I suggest this can be the best gift ever for the person you love especially on your annivesary,you give them memories of your love story. Sure items like these handmade anniversary gifts are another option - it all depends on the person you want to surpise and show your love to.

A personalized gift book can be created online by designing it yourself so that you can both love it. The following ideas can be used to create your personalized gift book:

anniversary book

1. Choose characters.

To make your book interesting there must be characters that represent you as a couple. You can choose your eyes,hair,hands,legs and more for each of you. The characters will appear on each page to illustrate your text hence make the book more interesting and lovely to read and look at.

2. Choose the perfect cover.

You can choose the best cover for your book that can suite your first anniversary. You can choose the best title for your book and use the font color that your spouse loves and also make the book sizabl(not too big or small). The cover will make your loved one curious and anxious to read it hence give it your best.

3. On each page write your love story.

On each page you can write a text depending with the memories of your love story and add illustrations that represent the text by positioning the characters perfectly. Make your love story the best by writing on how your love began up to where you are now to make it perfect. You can add up beautiful quotes that can add love to your love story.

4. You can create other anniversary books if you don’t really need a personalized gift book. You can use a paper book.

Print your photos on them and write how much your loved one means a lot to you. You can also write a book on love and publish it for your loved one. Quotes can also make a paper book lovely for your loved one to read. Additionally you can write your love story since you fell in love up to date and you can write a love poem about the two of you.

I suggest this is the best gift for your loved one especially when you know he loves reading or loves poems. With all the memories in the personalised gift book your love grows as you remind youselves on how it started. In case you are worried on which gift to give your spouse I bet this is the gift you are looking for and your spouse will appreciate it much more than you expected. Give it a try it will sure bear more fruits,not only will you make your spouse pleased but also make your love flourish each day as read your love story together. I hope this idea helps and you loved one becomes happy on his or her day.